Our Love Story

I keep going back and forth about writing this post. On the one hand, it feels a bit showy and over-shary. But on the other hand, when people are in love, they want to shout it from the top of a mountain right? Well, I don’t have a mountain. I have a blog and a keyboard (Anchorman reference 10 points).

No secret here, but I love to tell my love story. If you’re my friend or my sister or the checkout lady at the grocery store, I’ve probably told you this story. Still, there’s like a billion other people who have NEVER heard it and this is my excuse.

So almost 6 years ago, I was single, young, and crazy. I loved to party and be with my friends and get into trouble… I was at the fork in the road, where one road would lead me to college and a career, and the other road would lead me down the block to the neighborhood pothead’s house every day for the rest of my life.

All of this happened completely by chance. My sister was dating this guy for quite awhile and he threw a birthday party for her at his house. My sister had been out of school for some time and her circle was small, so the party was mostly made up of her boyfriend’s friends. I had never met any of these people aside from her boyfriend, so I asked my friend to come with me.

Me with my sister, the birthday girl

When we got there, we walked past a bunch of guys sitting on the couches playing Guitar Hero (omg) and I only glanced at them quickly before following my sister into another room. I’m not going to lie, at this time in my life I had gotten into the habit of scanning a room and picking out the cutest guy as soon as I walked in. These boys were kinda young (but older than me), sort of awkward, and extremely crazy.

There was one boy sitting on the couch and he was wearing a green, fuzzy hat and a t-shirt that said, “MY INTERNET IS DOWN SO I DECIDED TO COME OUTSIDE TODAY”. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. He had gorgeous long, brown hair (my weakness) and he was just DIFFERENT. I was drawn to him.


The plan for the night was to get drunk when the adults were gone. My friend unexpectedly had to leave before then so I was there sober and awkward and following my sister around like a puppy. Eventually I got the nerve to approach green hat boy while he was playing a different video game in a different room.

” Me: What are you playing?
Him: Brawl.
Me: Is it hard?
Him: Kinda. ”

Omg. The romance doe. This is also when I learned his name, Grant. I fell in love with his name straight away. I loved the way it sounded in my mouth, the way it felt. It had integrity, it was different. I had never met a Grant before.

When the drinks finally came out I got a little more brave. We were all drinking and talking and, as they say, one thing led to another and we started kissing. His friends were video taping us which in hindsight is super creepy lmao but at the time we were tipsy and just having fun.


So I liked this boy. A LOT. And he was so different from anybody else I had ever been with. He was sweet and gentle. Caring. He listened to me and looked at me like he adored me. I literally never stood a chance.

The more I drank, the less inhibited I became. At one point in the night, I asked him to take a bubble bath with me. The crazy part is, we took one. In my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house, at 1 in the morning, with a party going on, we took a bubble bath. Grant turned away when I got undressed and waited for me to be under the bubbles before joining me. I did him the service of not peeking either. In the tub, he just rubbed my legs and my feet and we laughed and talked. He was so respectful.

The other crazy part is the door was open and the entire party was just walking in and out, my sister sat there and chatted with us for like 20 minutes.

All of Grant’s friends couldn’t believe this was all happening. They were like, “Who the fuck is this girl?”


After our weird bath we just cuddled. It was the sweetest thing in the entire world. The above photo is from that moment, and it’s the dearest picture I have of us.

3am rolled around and the party was sizzling down. I could see him gathering his things and letting people know they could crash at his place and I started to get nervous and sad. I didn’t want him to leave… It had been the best, most surprising, night of my life.

When he came to me, he asked (very respectfully) if I wanted to come back to his house. At this point any attempt at composing my modesty was kind of thrown out the window. I mean, we took a bath together. What’s the harm in a sleepover?

So that night, we walked to his house, all his friends walking in front of us. It was late and quiet. Everything was still. I remember thinking his parents are going to be so mad when they see all of us, only to find out later that his parents are the coolest parents ever. We all piled into his bedroom and went to sleep once we got inside and settled.

In the morning when Grant and I woke up and everybody was sleeping and we were exhausted and hungover he looked at me and asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes.

And we’ve been together since that day. ♥

Every time I say or write that, no matter how many times I have before, I get chills all over my body. Anything could have come up and kept me from going to that party. But it didn’t. I met him and my life changed beautifully for the better. It has been a very long journey and we are still working on ourselves and growing together every single day. I adore him so completely.

unapologetic-in-love, Hannah


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