Outfit Clones

I am sensing a pattern here… And I don’t like it.

Okay, I’m lying. I actually love it.

I’ll be the first to admit I am an outfit repeater. If I like the way something looks on me and the way it makes me feel, I will try every single possible variation of that outfit until I’m just sick of it. Lately I’ve been obsessed with this combo: lightweight sweaters/cardigans, short flared skirts, knee-high socks, and chunky heels.

I just die. Every. Single. Time.

Here is how I styled my go-to outfit last weekend (below). I do feel like branching out to other looks this weekend, but I’m still obsessed. My favorite thing ever is pairing girly with grungy. I think it perfectly compliments my attitude and personality.

Don’t tell a soul but this skirt is actually a suspender dress. You might recognize it from my profile picture here on my blog. The last two weekends I have put different sweaters over top to turn it into a skirt. I like the dress because it’s tight around the midsection so it’s really slimming. I adore this pink cardigan. It’s very delicate and girly… Makes me feel so pretty.

And of course I had to wear my grungy little purse. I love this purse – it fits my cell phone, lip gloss, and money/id. It’s perfect. And I just love the way gunmetal studs contrast with a baby pink cardigan. It’s just me :).

I am currently obsessed with knee-high socks. I’ve worn them all winter long and I just can’t get ENOUGHHHH! I love the way they look with these chunky, schoolgirl shoes. The combo is so playful and sexy – LOVE IT!♥

I’m definitely going to switch it up and try something else this weekend. I just had to document this combo before I moved on. I am really, really, REALLY getting into fashion (FINALLY). I haven’t been interested in style my entire life until I dropped all the weight and realized how good clothes can make me feel about myself.

Let me know the best places to find affordable girly, kawaii, cutesy, grungy clothes. I’m re-building my wardrobe and I’m ready to do some damage.

talk soon, Hannah ♥


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