What is wrong with me? Why did I ever leave you? I’m so sick of this endless cycle of love and boredom. When you’ve been in my life for so long, I forget why I fell in love with you in the first place. So I go looking for love in new places, often paying a hefty price, just to cure my boredom. But sexy flings can only be fun for so long. The truth is… I missed you. When the fibers ran out, and my lashes started to flake, I couldn’t keep my mind off of you. I had to have you back. I promise I will never leave you again.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me explain. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first mascara I ever bought was Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. The pink tube with the green cap is, like, famous. I’ve never met a girl who hasn’t tried it and it’s actually a lot older than I originally thought. Apparently it’s been around since 1971! So, chances are your mom probably used this mascara as a teenager. Crazy!

I first discovered the Lots of Lashes version of Great Lash about 4 years ago, before I ever really got into full-face makeup. I was in love with it THEN! I have freaking small hands (I’M TALKIN SMALL) and a small face so I can greatly appreciate a small wand with a small applicator. It gets riiiiiight up in the corners of the eyes without smearing mascara all over my eye lid.

It’s perfect for separating because it is so small, and adding another coat or two really pumps up da volume. I usually do 2 coats and I get beautiful, long, full eyelashes that literally last all day long.

The most amazing thing about this mascara is it’s only like $4-6. You can’t fuckinnggggg beat that man! I’m not going to lie: I’m a good consumer. I am suckered by good packaging and popularity and good reviews. So when something fancy and expensive comes out, of course I’m dying to try it. But it never lives up to my expectations (how could it with so much hype?). I just always come back to this little guy.

Am I alone in this? Does anybody else keep a tube of Great Lash handy? Let me know! What are your favorite drugstore mascaras?

with lashes like an angel, Hannah



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