Hi! I’m Hannah and you can usually find me sticking my tongue our or pouting or plotting my rise to success. This is my blog – my place to express my creativity and share tips/tricks on keeping a happy, balanced lifestyle.


On my blog you will find tons of stuff about health – from eating healthy, to keeping up with exercise, to keeping negative energy away from your body and mind. You’ll also notice I’m obsessed with makeup and I’m dipping my toe into the fashion pool.

I lost 42 lbs in the year 2013, and it has taken me all of this time to find a healthy balance in my life. I’m hoping by sharing what I learned and how I’m moving forward, I can stop someone from making the same mistakes and instead help them get the most out of their journey to health. So don’t be surprised if I follow a post about clean eating with a post about the best gelato!


And lastly, here is also where I will post the explicit account of my love affair with nature. I believe 100% that a healthy relationship with nature is the key to a healthy and sound mind. I want to show you all of the things I adore about our planet, and also give you tips on taking care of it.


I am absolutely thrilled to begin this journey. Please do not hesitate to ask me for anything! You can also find me on social media sites Instagram, Tumblr (one / two), Twitter, and Facebook!

x, Hannah


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